Robert The Juice

Paint the town cold

We are thrilled to introduce you to our latest limited-edition beer – Robert the juice. This exceptional beer boasts a delightful combination of hoppy goodness and refreshing orange flavours, creating a taste sensation that will leave your tastebuds craving for more. With a smooth and tantalizing 5.6% ABV, Robert the Juice, is the perfect choice for beer enthusiasts seeking a unique and flavourful experience.

Robert the Juice is available in select bars, ensuring a unique and limited experience for those lucky enough to find it.

Participating bars – Auld Hundred, Badger & Co, Element, The Fountain, The Queens Arms, The Black Bull, The Smokin’ Fox, The Raven, Church on the Hill, The Huxley, McLarens on the Corner, The Basement, The Saint, The Meadowpark, The Spiritualist, Boroughmuir RFC, Northern Football Club, Moonwake Brewery Taproom, Scallion, The Green Hotel.


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