It’s time to paint the town cold. Let’s raise the bar on beer and get to the point. Cold Town Beer isn’t reserved for crafty connoisseurs or haughty hipsters; Cold Town brews beer for all.

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A beer for beer's sake,

for simplicity’s sake and for our sanity’s sake, Cold Town calls a beer a beer.

Home brrrew.

Order away and we’ll even deliver to your place…

B*rn & Brewed in Scotland

Our self-published auto-biography “it’s cold in this f✱✱✱’n brewery” isn’t available to the public yet, but we’ll show you a sneak peek.

Cold Town Beer Tap

Yes you, my friend, deserve a c*ld one.

We were raised in the bar and by the bar. We’re on tap at some bangin’ bars aw’ across Scotland, and the list keeps growing. Grab a pint next time you see us.

its getting c*ld in here

(so put on all our clothes)

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Scottish Beer Awards Winners 2021

Cold Town Oktoberfest

We’re Scottish Beer Award Finalists for 8 Awards!

Cold Town Beer Proudly Sponsors The British Paralympic Curling Squad