Who The F*** Are We?

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Paint the town cold

Scotland has a deeply fascinating history when it comes to brewing and we wanted to pay homage to these roots when creating our name. Calton Hill Brewery in Edinburgh was the first brewery in Britain to create lager way back in 1835. The small suburb that the brewery called it’s home earned the name Cauld Toon as it sat directly in the in the cold shadow of Arthur’s Seat. Over time, this colloquially became Cal-ton. Carlton Hill could therefore be known as Cold Town Hill, and suddenly our name was born.


We started our brewing journey from very humble beginnings in early 2018, setting up a microbrewery inside an old, empty church on Edinburgh’s Grassmarket. It was a small start, but you better believe that we were brewing up a storm to supply a few local bars with our classic Cold Town Lager.

As more bars invited us to join the party, we quickly realised that we were gonna need a bigger boat.  We expanded into our main base of operations on Dunedin Street to let us supply a variety of bars and restaurants in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Stirling and Fife. In early 2019 we were lucky enough to transform our home into Cold Town House, featuring an evolved version of our microbrewery alongside some of the most iconic views of Edinburgh Castle.

We were born and raised in the bar scene, and all of our canned drinks have come after being tried, tested and reviewed in the bars.


Our Head Brewer Ed and the rest of the team are always brainstorming and ‘raising the bar’ of our brews without taking themselves too seriously.

It’s really easy to get caught up in which breweries are competing to be the freshest, hoppiest, tastiest, or even the most angst ridden but that’s just not us! Life isn’t a competition – we’re here to make good f✱✱✱ing beer and to have a great time doing it.

We believe in making beer for beer’s sake. The only reason you order a 2nd pint is because the first one tastes so damn fine. Our focus is making sure that our drinks have a wicked taste, with a wee nod to our wicked sense of humour of course.


Our range of brews have been tried, tested and loved by drinkers in bars across Scotland. All of our brews begin their journey in bars, and then are brought online when we feel that we’ve received a seal of approval from our customers who drink them and the bar teams who help create them. You can rest assured knowing that any drink your order from us isn’t just an idea that we’ve plucked from nowhere!

At the moment we have 6 different beers available with different flavours and feels about them. If it’s your first time drinking Cold Town then we’d recommend trying one of our brand new Pick and Mix Packs so that you can try a range of flavours and discover your favourite.


And remember… we make beer, not spam. So don’t expect to hear from us a lot and if it all gets too much, you can unsubscribe.

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