Father’s Day Presents for Craft Beer Lovers

Paint the town cold

The key to the perfect Father’s Day present is simplicity – don’t worry about spending time on the frills, just get him something you know he’ll enjoy. When in doubt, craft beer is the answer!

Any of our products below are the perfect present for any dad who loves his beer.

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  • Cold Town NEIPA Mini Keg 5L

    New England IPA 5L Keg

    £22.00 VAT
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  • Cold Town Beer Cooler Bag

    Cooler Bag

    £10.00 VAT
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  • Cold Town Pint Glass

    £5.00 VAT
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  • Cold Town Lager Mini Keg 5L

    Cold Town Lager 5L Keg

    £19.50 VAT
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  • Cold Town Beer Build Your Own 12 Pack UK Beer Delivery

    Build Your Own 12 Pack

    From: £21.00 VAT
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  • Buy Cold Town Beer Can Cosies 330ml

    Beer Can Coolers 330ml

    £2.00 VAT
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